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Choosing a real estate company is one of the most important decisions of your career. Coral Shores Realty main focus is to support our agents in every possible fashion and provide the most innovative industry technology tools. Here is what some of our agents have to say about working with Coral Shores Realty:
Jane Rickey - 954 802-6165
Fort Lauderdale Area
Diane Dorfman - 954 701-9907
Fort Lauderdale Area

"Hi Ron,
I want to take a moment to thank you for your continued support with the growing of my real estate business. I have worked very hard throughout my 13 years to accomplish being a part of the Top 1/2 of 1% of realtors Nationwide, and becoming a member of the Master Broker's Forum. When it came time for me to select a company, approximately a year ago, I carefully examined all of the amenities and fantastic features that CSR offered. It was very easy, once meeting you, to make our decision.

We look forward to continuing our experience with Coral Shores Realty....."

Laurie Reader - 954 415-4602

Fort Lauderdale Area

"After working for years for brokers who did nothing to help and wanted a lot in return, it is a refreshing change to receive so much help from a knowledgeable broker who asks for so little in return. Clearly Ron’s giving nature as a person crosses over into his professional demeanor and business strategy.

Ron also provides all of us with regular updates that impact the legal, personal, and business aspects of our everyday lives.
These updates contain real-world, contemporary, useful information.

Working with Ron has re-affirmed my belief that integrity, honesty, knowledge and communication are values that create success.

Thank you, Ron."

Todd Robaldo

Fort Lauderdale Area

"With the morals of our country in the decline mode, including fraudulent practices going on in the Real Estate industry, I was desperate to find someone of integrity. I met with Ron back when there were only 400 agents in the group and knew that he was an honest and trustworthy person.

Now, after so many agents later, that is still true. Others in the industry have tried to discredit this group but have failed. I was especially glad to find that his mortgage partner was equally willing to operate with high ethics.

Although I have not had great production for Ron, he has supported me during difficult battles.
This is a solid place to hang your RE hat. I do not anticipate this level of integrity to change."

Sharon Parrott

Fort Lauderdale Area

"After being signed on as an Independent Contractor with Coral Shores Realty for nearly a year, I have experienced a milestone in success. The commissions I have earned are higher then any other real estate brokerage I know of and I enjoy working with the Coral Shores Support Staff.
Your continual support is greatly appreciated as well." Shannon Schiller

Boca Raton Area

"I closed on a short sale about a month ago with a lot of help from Ron. Since I had never done a short sale before, I had a lot of questions and Ron was always available to answer my questions. Even my buyers told me that I am lucky to have a broker that is kind and caring and was available to help in any way he could.

What I also really like about Coral Shores Realty besides the fact that they have such very friendly helpful staff members like Marcie, Tracy, and Alex, is that you can fax your escrow deposit! Now that is such a great time saver.

Thank you Ron for all your help and support. I really appreciate you and everyone in the support staff."

Sophia Alzamora

Fort Lauderdale Area

"I've been in this business for over 10 years and have chosen Coral Shores Realty as my home because they are well organized, professional, and allow me to do things my way. They were one of the first to offer 100% commissions spawning tons of copycats. I have been asked to switch many time by other companies but feel that Ron Cika and Coral Shores has earned my loyalty." George Wolfgang

Fort Lauderdale Area

"I have been with Coral Shores Realty for over five years and work with my husband, who has been with them a year longer. During that time, we have been very successful and believe the aside from our hard work, the structure and support provided by Coral Shores Realty is responsible.

We highly recommend Coral Shores to other agents thinking of making a change, and earning more money."

Jacqueline Kaufman

Coral Springs Area

"Ron, congratulations with your concept of putting more into the pockets of agents. Your backup material available online or in offices at locations around the state has helped very well. I like the entry into short sales, and that there are attorneys onboard that can complete these very complex deals.

I have known Ron and the company to always deliver and the support and help received has always tops. Ron, I have enjoyed our relationship and look forward to great things in the future. Continued success to the Ft Lauderdale gang, Steph and family. My love and respect to you all."

Richard Hankin

Orlando Area

"I have found the Broker's and Staff at Coral Shores Realty to be very Knowledgeable, helpful. Agent Friendly. Structured and Organized to a Co-operated level. If one should have questions or concerns Ron Chika (Broker) always has an answer and a solution to resolve the situation.

Commission is paid on time, ( most important) and as agreed upon, more to say than my previous experience.
One word to best describe Coral Shores Realty - Exceptional."

Marlene Ricketts

Coral Springs Area

"Ron Cika, as you know I've moved around from Broker to Broker only to come back to you as I've learned the difference between a truly pro active broker and a broker who just wants deals. Between the professionalism and your true nature to care it has made my experience with you unsurpassable. You keep us on the cutting edge of technology and up to date with all the information necessary to keep us well informed. As just one realtor I thank you for the dedication and support you have given us." Tullio Filippazzo

Fort Lauderdale Area

"My experience with CSR has been very positive and they have met my needs fully. Mr Cika and the whole team has been there when I needed them and have helped me to keep my clients informed when their expertise was needed. All you have to do is call and they respond.

They have always been helpful and every closing and listing was accomplished in a professional and straight forward manner.

If you want independence while receiving expert support CSR is the place to be."

Tommie Lampp

Daytona Beach Area

"I have got to say that being part of Coral Shores Realty has been a great experience, Broker support is excellent all my questions get answered in a very responsive time frame and they are all ways accessible. The staff could not be any better with great communication between us all and all ways willing to help us the agents when needed. Ron continues to help us all with informative email's and marketing ideas. I am proud to be a on board with Coral Shores." Jose Castillo Fort

Lauderdale Area

"Ron, as you know, I worked full time with Remax for over 8 years before I became associated with you and Coral Shores. I was successful there. In my almost 40 year career as a REALTOR, I have worked for 4 brokers. Joining Coral Shores was one of the smartest things I have ever done. I feel so much like part of the family. You have always been approachable and available for any real estate problems that came up. This is so different from the other agencies that I have worked with. I have trusted your judgment and you have always been right. You have helped me continue to succeed in the worst of markets.

My biggest concern when I left Remax, was that I was loosing their staff lawyer. Now, you have added a legal department which makes Coral Shores the perfect team.

Thanks for being progressive in your thinking and your actions. Thanks for your faith in me."

Richard M. Birner

Fort Lauderdale Area

"Coral Shores Realty is the BEST. Since I interviewed Ron Cika in 2004, I was convinced that his honesty, integrity, and knowledge in our industry, were the attributes I was looking for in a Broker. I have always received the support I've needed and in a timely manner. Ron's generous commission plan allows the Realtors to control their income and manage their own advertising expenses and other expenses as they deem necessary. If you join CSR you won't be sorry!!" Holly McGowan

Mount Dora Area

"Ron, I would like to thank you again for helping me recover the full commission that was due to me from the listing agent in my recent transaction. It's good to know that we have complete support and understanding from our broker and the adminstration department. You are always available to take my calls when we were working to resolve this matter. There is also something else I would like to express. When I made the change to join Coral Shores Realty from Coldwell Banker my business has increased tremendously, even during the slow time of the real estate market. I honestly believe that it has to do with attitude. Once I began earning my full 100% commission, that changed everything for me. I developed a more confident disposition and started feeling more pumped up to do more business, knowing that I am earning the commission for me and not a company bleeding me dry from taking half of my commisson and some! Thanks again for all you do, Ron!" Mary Schmidt

Cooper City Area

"Ron, before coming to Coral Shores, I always worked for very large Companies,(Prudential,Arvida, Coldwell Banker) I never got the level of help, and care, that I get from you, and your Company. I can ALWAYS go to you with any problem that I might have, and you always give me the help that I need. That level of consideration, and care is MISSING in so many Companies. I love this Company!" Faith Wiener

Boca Raton Area

"I would like to let you know that this company that you have built is amazing! There are many reasons why I love working at Coral Shores Realty. We have wonderful broker support, Legal Staff, Sales Coordinators, and many more people that are always there willing to help out. The conmpany also keeps everyone up to date wtih emails on new goverement guidlines, dealing with freddie and fannie. The company also offers great commission splits and profit sharing. I think there is no better company to work for then Coral Shores. Robert Marazzita

Boca Raton Area

"It is a real pleasure to share my job experience at Coral Shores Realty; as a Realtor I have felt their support, their professional environment, and the continuous opportunity to grow my knowledge in the Real Estate field. Thanks again to Mr. Cika and his crew." Manuel Dario Zapata

Cooper City Area

"I just love working for Coral Shores Realty. It is the best company I have worked for in my 20 years in Real Estate.
The company is professional, up to date and attentive. I work from home and do my own business but if you need assistance,the broker and others are to help. For me, the most important thing is to have a buyer to work with and Coral Shores has given
me the opportunity to work with buyers from all over the county. Without this, I would not have the business I have because of the down turn on the economy. Through Coral Shores I have expanded my business.
My niche is with buyers and Coral Shores has helped me so much." Nancy Ashley

Daytona Beach Area

"Prior to my coming on board with Coral Shores Realty, I never realized the support I was missing. Coral Shores not only keeps me "up to date" with current laws that affect us as realtors, but we are provided with the latest techniques in escrow options, financing and title work.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to attend instruction classes for sales techniques, promotion, short sales, financing and law. Last but not least, we have hot lines to call for help around the clock and everything else that an agent could ever ask for.

Overall, I can't imagine another company that provides so much in the way of help and support and I personally wouldn't think of ever leaving Coral Shores for another company." Paul Malo

Boca Raton Area

"I have been with Coral Shores for about 2 years now. It is a professional, organized, and there is no fuss. The website clearly lays out what is required and I can spend my time focusing on making money without interference. I have only been in the office a handful of times, as the Coral Shore's virtual office is very efficient and saves time. This is not to say that a physical office is not available. Support is only an email or phone call away and is given with a smile. Updates on all aspects of our market are emailed periodically along with tips and other ways to assist us to increase our income.
There are no hidden fees or surprises when you receive your check. It is laid out very clear it feels very good to get 100% of your hard earned money. I personally recommend Coral Shores for any self reliant professional regardless of experience." Daniel Eric Stempien

Cooper City Area

"If you are looking for a new opportunity in real estate, I strongly recommend
you consider Coral Shores Realty. My affiliation with this company has been
100% positive!

They offer incredible commission schedules, flexible listing terms, an independent
work environment and a full staff of technical, legal, marketing and administrative support. As a full-service brokerage, I don't have to look any further for highly capable professionals in all aspects of real estate. I am always confident that I am backed by qualified, reliable and considerate team members.

It is also exciting to be a part of a company that is dynamic, progressive, and leading the industry as the #1 real estate brokerage in Florida!" Catherine Lombardo

Ocala Area

"I started in real estate while I was in college (1963), and I have worked real estate in 4 different states, (California, Nevada, Florida, and Massachusetts), licensed in 3 of those.

I have been associated with many brokerages,( and owned my own), and, I can truthfully say that my experience with Coral Shores Realty has been exceptionally good in every sense. The broker support is excellent, and, generally, the company is a well organized, well administered, and very pleasant to work with.

Because of these reasons, and because the commission structures are very fair, I have recommended Coral Shores to several Realtors! Unlike many other companies, Coral Shores is not out to enrich itself from collecting astronomical monthly fees from its agents, or charging a large percentage of agents' commissions. Thank you for a very pleasant 3 1/2 years." Franklin Temel

Boca Raton

"We have a good experience working at Coral Shores and like the support given to realtors. Great place to work at." Dorin Frai and Lavinia Frai

Hollywood Area

"Ron, after being with several other brokers I have found that my experience with coral shores is second to none. Its better than being your own broker, both yourself and your staff are great help with all transactions! 100% satisfying!! Why would you want to work anywhere else??
Thanks." Ed Richard

Boca Raton Area

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