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Most of us only sell a small number of homes in our lifetime. With limited experience in real estate how is one capable of maximizing the profits from their sale? Many home sellers make the critical mistake of thinking all Realtors are the same. They list with the first agent who comes along. Does it make good business sense to put the responsibility of selling your home with someone who has no plan or qualifications? In our website we try to educate you with valuable information that will help you make the best decision concerning: Which real estate agent should you list with?

Start by doing a few hours of research. Ask around... get to know who has the most signs, ads and marketing material in your neighborhood. Who’s the most active agent? Compile a list of agent names and use these questions to help you determine which agent is right for you.

Coral Shores staff can connect you with the best and most experienced agent in your area, especially if you are within prominent parts of Florida like Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. Just fill out this form to request this valuable, no obligation service. There is no cost and your contact information is kept confidential.

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